Places You Can Get Free Moving Boxes

With all of the expenses which come with moving, you probably don’t want to add the cost of moving boxes to the list. The good news is that there are now lots of places where you can get free moving boxes. Here are some of the best places. Just remember that you should start gathering your moving boxes early. It takes a lot of time to get enough boxes (you will probably need more than you realize!). You don’t want to be caught the day before moving without enough supplies on hand!

Get Free Moving Boxes

Under the free section of Craigslist, you can often find people giving away free boxes.

This website is a great place to find all sorts of free stuff, including boxes sometimes.

Apartment Complexes
People are always moving in/out of apartments, so you can often find free boxes in their recycling areas. It is best to go there at the beginning or end of the month if you want to score the boxes. Choose an apartment complex with a concierge though otherwise you won’t be able to get into the building.

Local Stores
We don’t recommend using boxes from grocery stores because they are often dirty and in bad condition. You can usually find boxes at these places though:
• Liquor Stores
• Furniture Stores
• Office Supply Stores
• Hardware Stores

Avoid Bait and Switch Scam Used By Moving Companies

One of the most common scams used by moving companies is the “bait and switch.” They will give customers a very low estimate. Then, on moving day, the actual cost will be much higher. Since you signed a contract, you will be responsible for paying these higher costs! Here are tips on how you can avoid the bait and switch scam when moving.

Get Multiple Estimates
You should get estimates from at least 3 moving companies. This will give you an idea of how much the move should cost. If one moving company gives a much lower price than the others, then a red flag should go up.

Estimates Must Be In Person!
Never trust moving estimates which are given over the phone or online. All moving companies must see what they will be moving before they can estimate the cost. A moving agent will come to your home, take a general assessment of your belongings, and talk to you about any services you may need. Then a written moving estimate will be given.

Have Movers Explain the Estimates
Ask the moving estimators explain how they came to that figure. What is included? What services will cost extra? Why are their rates so low or high?

Read Reviews
Never hire a moving company without first checking them out at customer review sites, and also at the Better Business Bureau. Find out if there are any complaints, or if any customers have complained about the actual costs being much higher.

What About Fixed Price Moves?
Virtually no moving company will offer a fixed-price move. This is because there are too many variables to consider in a move, and each presents its own unique challenges. Instead, moving companies will estimate the cost of your move based on how many hours it will probably take (for local moves) or the weight of the move (for long distance moves). Then they will add on costs for additional services, like if you need packing services or to use a rig to take a large item out through a window. However, you can look for movers which offer a “Not to Exceed” clause in their estimates.

Not to Exceed Clauses
Even the best moving agents can’t estimate with 100% certainty how much a move will cost. To provide peace of mind, some moving companies will put a “not to exceed” amount in the clause. This way, even if the move goes over the estimate, you won’t have to pay more than the not to exceed amount.

How to Save Money on your Upcoming Move

Many times, individuals are shocked out of their minds by the cost of moving to their new location. With all the relevant fees, transfer of utilities, required permits among other necessary adjustments which need to be made, the tabulation of the total cost can become pretty overwhelming. Luckily, there are tips and tricks which may be employed to decrease the cost of moving, so as to enable the retention of funds which may be useful in another area. Slashing the cost of moving may also allow you to accentuate the appearance of your new home, as you might have some emotional ties to the property which you will be leaving behind.

Save Money Moving

One sure way to save tons of money on your move, is to simply move yourself. Many individuals shy away from this option as they consider it way too rigorous to perform all the necessary duties of moving on their own, or with their family (especially if children are involved). However, renting a truck and moving yourself is one of the cheapest ways to get the job done. If you must, ask for help from your friends and family members. In the event that you cannot manage on your own, do employ professional to help with the task. But you may still reduce costs by packing smaller items such as clothing and small appliances in your vehicle and reserving the back of the moving truck for large items only.

Plan your move in off-peak season. This is a very important factor to consider when moving as many families choose to move when their children are out of school, which is usually during the summer. Unfortunately, this may result in the move being more costly than average due to the high amount of moves occurring at the beginning or end of the month. As such, costs seem to be extremely higher than usual on the last Saturday of June or the first Saturday of August. It would be wise to plan your move in fall or early winter, and attempting to move during the middle of the week.

Before you purchase that additional insurance from your movers, be sure to check your renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policy to find out whether the policy insures moving. So, before you go ahead and contract on another policy of insurance, be sure to contact your agent if the insurance policy is unclear to you, don’t end up double-insured; it is a complete waste of money.

Some people swear by purchasing “moving boxes” as necessary moving materials. Be warned, it is one of the most perfect ways to waste your hard earned money, all boxes are capable of doing the same thing. Before you drop twenty dollars on one of these ridiculous items, visit your local supermarket , call up your friends and co-worker; and just ask them to save you boxes!

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Tips for Moving Appliances to a New Home

Appliance Moving Tips

Moving to a new place can be difficult, but it can be a much worse experience if you damage your most expensive appliances during this period. It is important to take into consideration the proper methods of dismantling the appliances to prevent damage or even injury to yourself and others.
The first thing which must be done even before the move occurs is to clean your appliances thoroughly, as you don’t want to take any of the dirt and grime into your new home. Ensure that all receptacles that need to be emptied are cleaned, and leave the appliances open for a considerable period to ensure adequate drying before transportation arrives.

moving appliances


When relocating your stove, it is important to detach all removable parts of the stove and place them in a properly labelled box. If you happen to have a gas range, it is important to get a qualified technician to come and remove the gas line and cap it safely. On arrival to your new home, a technician should be called to reinstall the gas line for your safety. Also ensure that the technician seals any openings, checks your gas supply and lights the pilot to ensure that it is in proper working order.


When cleaning your refrigerator, it is important to dispose of all perishable items. Subsequently, the fridge should be unplugged and left to defrost (if necessary). After that step, the interior of the refrigerator should be thoroughly washed, with all removable parts removed, cleaned, dried and appropriately packed for removal. The compressor of the fridge should also be vacuumed so as to remove any dirt or grime which has built up in that area. In the event that your fridge has a water line, it is vital to employ the expertise of a technician to remove the water line and disconnect the ice maker. Regarding installation in your new home, a technician would be needed to reconnect the water line and ice maker; tools such as copper tubing and fittings may also be needed for this to be successfully completed.


The glass tray inside the microwave should be removed and securely wrapped in a padded box to prevent breakage. If your microwave is large and you intend on placing it inside the removal truck, ask your movers to pad-wrap it. On arrival at your new home, it is important to ensure that the exhaust vent is not blocked by any objects during reinstallation.

How to Resell Your Used Moving Boxes?

Most people just toss their used moving boxes in the trash. Eco-minded people will take the extra step of making sure those boxes get in the recycling. And smart people will go the extra mile and make some cash by selling their used moving boxes. Here is how you can do it too.


Craigslist Ads

This is the simplest way to sell your moving boxes, but you probably won’t get too much money for them because Craigslist browsers are often looking for freebies. But, as a bonus, you can arrange for the buyer to come pick the boxes up, which saves you a trip to the recycling center!

Resell to the Moving Company

A lot of moving companies who sell you boxes will buy them back for you once your move is complete. Of course, this means that you have to purchase the boxes in the first place, so it doesn’t always end up being the best deal. But, if you are going to be buying boxes from the movers or using their packing services, be sure to ask about their buy-back program.

Websites for Selling Used Boxes
There are now dozens of websites where you can give away or sell your used moving boxes. When choosing which service to use, pay attention to whether they are located in your area, and also whether they give extra money for special types of boxes (such as wardrobe boxes or flat-screen TV boxes). Here are just some of the websites you can check out for selling used boxes.


Tips for Selling Your Used Moving Boxes
Most places where you can sell used boxes say that it is okay to have labels, markings, and tape on the boxes. However, the boxes have to be in good condition. That means the boxes can’t smell, be wet or have gotten wet, have large tears in them, or are deformed.

To ensure your boxes stay in good condition, only use packing tape when packing boxes. If you use other types of tape, it will cause the boxes to tear apart when you try to open them!